Ed and Brenda's Big Adventure

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Ed and Brenda's Big Adventure


Ed and Brenda are two adventurous kangaroos exploring the world on their tandem bicycle. Ed and Brenda’s Big Adventure is about their travels in Australia, and  gently explores themes of
friendship, problem-solving, and the power of dreams. It is the first in a series of books that will see Ed and Brenda exploring the globe. The book includes: lift the flap postcards, a bike glossary,
teacher notes and activities.  It is published under the Brolly Books 'Happy Tree Partnership Publishing' programme.

280 x 220mm, 24pp + ends + case (hardback). Full colour throughout on heavy artpaper

About the Author and Illustrator

Emma Cary (Author): Born and bred in Melbourne, Emma spent almost two decades travelling the globe to gather the experiences that shape her stories and as a self-professed adventurer, she has plenty to write about. In between cycle touring and motivational speaking, you might find Emma with her husband paddling their tandem kayak or hiding in the studio singing her heart out. Emma’s writing celebrates Australia in a global setting with unique characters that embody her adventurous personality. Her words and humour connect readers of all ages finding common ground with experiences we can all relate to.

Fee Ainsworth (Illustrator): Fee has spent the last decade away from her family home in Melbourne, flitting between London and Cape Town where she now resides with her husband and young sons. Her hands are never still as she sketches, sculpts and shapes new worlds in between clients while running her own business. Fee’s illustrations are beautifully crafted works that highlight the joy of multiple and mixed media. The free spirit of storytelling is captured in her works using pen, oil, watercolour, pastels, lino prints and collage, with every page reflecting a new style and application.
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