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Contact Information


Office and warehouse location:
(by appointment only)

Suite I, Building 3, 19 Bruce Street,

Mornington Vic 3931 Australia

telephone: (03) 59755414


telephone (international): +61 3 59755414


Mailing address:

Suite 330, 45 Glenferrie Road

Malvern Vic 3144 Australia



mobile:  0412 392912

mobile (international):  +61 412 392912



Sales Enquiries:

Sales Enquiries:

Andrew Adam

Sales Director


telephone: (03) 59755414


telephone (international): +61 3 59755414


mobile:  0412 392912

mobile (international):  +61 412 392912



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Here are the answers to a number of enquiries we receive regularly.

Please note trade enquiries should be referred to the appropriate sales and publishing personnel as detailed on the Contact Us page.


Any additional general queries may, in the first instance, be sent to the  Submissions Editor.


How to Search for Information on this Site


Which Search option should I use if looking for something on the site?

If you are looking for a particular book, enter the book's name or its ISBN or the author's name in the 'Product Search' box to the left of this page. 

If you are looking for any other general information on the site, enter the topic (e.g. 'submission guidelines') in the general 'Search' box which is immediately underneath the 'Product Search' box.

More specific 'Search' boxes are provided on the individual pages.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, email our office for further information.


Submission Guidelines for Unsolicited Manuscripts and Illustrations


Does Brolly Books accept unsolicited manuscripts?

We regret due to difficult market conditions we are unable to consider unsolicited manuscripts at the present time.  When and if this situation changes, we will update this notice accordingly.


Submission guidelines for illustrators:

We are rarely able to commission artwork but we pride ourselves on the visual quality of our books and are always interested in seeing the work of up-and-coming -- and established -- illustrators, particularly those based in Australia and New Zealand. 

Provided the illustrations are suitable for young children, freelance illustrators are welcome to submit some sample, low-resolution jpgs of their work (4-6 pieces which are representative of the illustrator's style[s]) to the, together with a link to their website if available.  We will then hold the illustrator's contact details and samples on file for future reference.

Trade and Rights Enquiries


Who is the trade distributor for Brolly Books?

Brolly Books uses different distributors depending on market segments and territories. Please refer to Distributors and Trade Enquiries for further information.

Who is the contact at Brolly Books for rights enquiries, export sales and other international trade matters?

Please contact Andrew Adam, Sales Director, at


Ordering Books through the Brolly Shop

Can I order a book direct from Brolly Book?

Yes, several of our books are available through the Brolly Shop in Australia.  The shop is updated regularly and special offers, when available, are included on the General and Children's Book page.

How much does it cost to deliver the book to me?

Delivery to customers anywhere in Australia is $8.00 per book, including postage and handling, with free delivery anywhere in Australia for orders over the value of $50.


Are books cheaper through the Brolly Shop than retail outlets?

The Brolly Shop is generally a little cheaper than retail outlets, but as noted above a $8.00 postage and delivery charge is added to each book ordered (Australia-wide). Deliveries for orders over the value of $50 will be delivered free to anywhere in Australia.


Can I place an order if I am overseas?

If you are overseas and wish to place an order, please contact us and provide details regarding the book(s) you want to order, and the delivery address. We will then provide a quotation including the cost of delivery to your location.

Do I have to register with Brolly Books to place an order?

No, it is not necessary to register with Brolly Books when placing an order.


Are all books published by Brolly Books available in the Brolly Shop?

Not all books published by Brolly Books are available to purchase from the Brolly Shop.  Books not available for purchase through the Brolly Shop are listed in the catalogue section of this website, but without a shopping cart option.
The trade distributor for the book(s) in question are also provided in the catalogue section.


What if a Brolly Book I want is not in the Brolly Shop?

Not all books published by Brolly Books are available through the Brolly Shop. If you wish to order a Brolly book that is not in the Brolly Shop, please contact us and we will do everything possible to assist you further in your search.


Publishing Services


Is Brolly Books able to provide editing, design, and book production services?

Please refer to the Publishing Services on our website.

Is Brolly Books able to provide book distribution and marketing services

No, Brolly Books is unable to provide book distribution and marketing services. Organisations or self-published authors seeking distribution of their books through the book trade in Australia are advised to contact book distributors or wholesalers. A useful link to book distributors in Australia may be found on the Australian Publishers' Association website.



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