About Brolly Books

Brolly Books is an independent Australian children's publisher, established in 1997. Brolly Books also provides publishing services to a wide range of local and international clients.



'Two Little Dicky Birds'

(illustrated by Wendy Straw)

About the Brolly Books Publishing Programme

The Brolly Books programme focusses on richly illustrated children’s books for  young children (from toddler through to 8 years).  Through all its publications, Brolly Books uses visual appeal to help children to learn and appreciate books, language and reading.

 Proudly Australian and independent, Brolly Books works with a number of popular Australian authors and illustrators, including Wendy Straw, Shirley Barber, Garry Fleming, Natalie Jane Parker, June Factor, Joy Scherger, Nadia Turner, Jill Bruce, Luisa Adam and Peter Viska.

Brolly Books currently publishes approximately 15 new titles each year, along with reprints. 

Sales of Brolly Books extend across many countries and languages. Currently, Brolly Books supplies customers from 22 countries around the world. Several titles have been published in foreign languages, (under licence to Brolly Books), including German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Lithuanian, Estonian, and Slovene editions.


Books by Shirley Barber


Brolly Books is now releasing the Shirley Barber range of fairy books and other titles, with new editions becoming available every few months. If you would like to be kept informed about new releases by Shirley Barber, please simply email us with 'Please add me to Shirley Barber mailing list' in the message section of the email.



Flight of the Fairies illustration by Shirley Barber


'Flight of the Fairies'
from The Enchanted Woods

(written and illustrated by Shirley Barber)


About Brolly Publishing Services

Brolly Publishing Services provides professional publishing services—writing, editing, design, production and project management—to a wide range of customers including corporations seeking to out-source their publishing roles and authors who wish to self-publish. Please refer to Publishing Services for more information.


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