We are an independent Australian publisher, specialising in engaging, informative and beautifully produced books.

Our newest release for 2020 is Australia's Creative Native Cuisine,  featuring Australian Indigenous ingredients — fingerlime, lemon myrtle, quandongs, wattleseed, rivermint and more — in a spectacular 372-page book by Andrew Fielke, now in stock.


We also publish a wide range of illustrated children's book as can be viewed in our shop.

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Happy Tree partnership publishing

We offer 'partnership publishing' for some projects under our Happy Tree (TM). Partnership publishing enables authors to invest in their project and in return they are paid substantially higher royalty rates or 'dividends' than conventional publishing models. As such, it sits somewhere in between 'conventional publishing' and 'self publishing'.
Partnership publishing is not available for all books. Submissions are still subject to assessment in terms of their suitability for our programme . Assessment is largely based on (a) overall merit; (b) overall suitability for our particular publishing market (this varies from publisher to publisher); and (c) viability. Assessment can take a little while but we endeavour to provide a decision as soon as possible.
More details about our partnerhips publishing scheme will be available shortly.


Brolly Books: publishing services


Brolly Books offers a full range of publishing services — writing, editing, publication design, and production — to external clients.   Projects range from small copy-editing tasks through to the production of major trade publications. Clients include academic and teaching institutions, government entities, other publishing companies seeking to out-source excess work, and authors who choose to self-publish. Brolly Books publishing services do not include marketing or book distribution.

If you think our services might suit your needs, please contact us for a confidential discussion. We are able to provide obligation-free cost estimates and other information as required.



​The featured illustration above of The Muffin Man is by Wendy Straw, from the Lullaby Rhyme series, copyright © Wendy Straw and Brolly Books.